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Mount Lushan - Jiangxi

Mount Lushan has convenient transportation. Situated in the south of Juijiang city in Jiangxi province, it is bordered on the north by Yangtze River and on the east by Poyang Lake. It earns its fame with its grandiosity, peculiarity, perilousness and elegance. With beautiful scenery and cool summers, it is a world-renowned summer resort and a world cultural heritage sit listed by UNESCO.

Each peak of Mount Lushan is towering and splendid, and the misty cloud blanket the valleys. Hanyang Peak, the main peak of Mount Lushan, stands 1,474 m above sea level.

There are many attractions on Mount Lushan, such as the famous Three-fold Spring, Cliff of Dragon Head, Three-precious Trees, Five-elder Peak, Immortal Cave, Hanpo Entrance, etc.

Three-fold Spring
Three-fold Spring is the "first marvelous spectacle of Mount Lushan". Over 100 m tall, it is divided into three leveles along the mountain, i.e. the upper, middle and lower levels. So it also called "Three-Level Spring". It pours down from the high mountain like a water curtain hanging in the air, so it has another name - the "Water Curtain Spring".

Hanpo Entrance
Hanpo Entrance, located on Hanpo Peak, faces Poyang Lake and is a good place to watch the sunrise.

Three-Precious Trees
Three-Treasure Trees are three ancient trees towering into the sky. It is believed that they were planted by people in Jin Dynasty. One is ginko and the other tow are cryptomerias.

Do you know?

Mount Lushan is a famous summer resort. In sweltering July, its average temperature is only 22 c degree. It is even cooler in the morning and at night. There are 636 villas on the mountains, which are of the architectural styles of Britain, America, France, Russia and Germany. They are mostly built with the stones from Mount Lushan.

Reference data

It is said that during the period between Yin and Zhou dynasties, there were brothers of Kuang Family who came to Mount Lushan to cultivate themselves in order to attain immortality, so Mount Lushan is also called Kuang Lu.
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