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Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Chinese people like to drink tea, and often entertain friend and guests with it. The tea-leaf is a neccessity in the life of the Chinese people.

China is the homeland of tea. The ancient Chinese first used it for medical purpose before developing tea as a drink. As regards the method of making tea, Chinese variety can be classified into green tea, black tea, oolong tea, scented tea, tuo tea (bowl-shaped compressed mass of tea leaves), and brick tea, each consisting of many types.

Green tea is not fermented. Famous green tea includes the Longjing tea from the region of the West Lake in Hangzhou, the Boluochun tea from Jiangsu, the Maofeng tea from Huangshan mountain of Anhui province, and the Liu'an Guapian tea from Liuan county of Anhui province.

Black tea is fermented, and is brilliant red. Famous Chinese black tea is the keemun tea of Anhui province, and the Dian black tea - Yunnan black tea, of Yunnan province.

Oolong tea is half fermented, its leaves being loose and thick, and the tea is golden yellow. The best oolong tea is produced in Wuyi Mountain of Fujian province.

Scented tea is peculiar to China, which is made by smoking tea leaves with fragrant flowers. The most famous one is jasmine tea produced in Fujian province.

Tuo tea, produced in Yunnan and Szechuan province, is compressed like a round steamed bun.

Brick tea is shaped like a brick, and is a favorite of the Mongolian and Tibetan ethnic groups.

Drinking tea can quench one's thirst, dispel fatigue, help digestion and prevent some diseases. The constant drinking of tea is quite beneficial for health.

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